Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival (Glen Waverley)


So it seems like I live in Glen Waverley since that’s all that I post about but I live 20 minutes away. It’s just the closest place to eat good Malaysian food.

I’m also very late with this post since this was held on the 13th Of February.

So I think in the last couple of years, the City of Monash has been holding and celebrating Chinese New Year with their own festival with food stalls and performances. Similar to the Box Hill, Crown Melbourne and China Town ones but for the South-East Melburnians.


Stalls are spread out all along Kingsway, one of or the only day where cars are blocked from passing through. There were several performances on the stage and on the street. It’s really great to see the Chinese culture here in one of the more populous Chinese/Malaysian suburbs in Victoria.

Check out the Lion dance pics below (With Vids at the bottom of the page)


IMG_4965Kevin Rudd came to visit and was welcomed by the Lion Dance performers.


I believe the man in the mask is some kind of traditional show thing but I’m not entirely sure.




The two lions do some amazing hops and jumps on those small pedestals. Check out my vids of it further down the page.

The ending where the lions catch the scrolls. I have no idea what it says on it, I’m completely Mandarin illiterate.


Fire Crackers! Many kids covered their ears. Hehe

Photo Op!

A lot more people than last year, it’s good to see everyone celebrating CNY and just having fun really.

Satays and more satays

Most stalls had Fried Rice Cakes aka Char Koay Kak, one had a huge line. Obviously the good stall or people are just sheep.

There were many other stalls too selling even Dutch Pancakes or Japanese sweet and savoury snacks and some drink stalls with the very sweet but delicious Sugar Cane drinks.

Check out my vids below (Sorry for the cut offs every couple of minutes, my camera does strange things)

All in all it’s always good to have some of the Chinese culture in Australia. I’ve never experienced an authentic Chinese New Year Festival in Malaysia so this is as close as we can get.

Many thanks to all the performers and participants in helping this Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival a success and I believe the Monash Council, I assume they have contributed towards this.

Looking forward to next years festival, and hoping it’ll get bigger and better every year.


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