Introduction to my food experience – Le Petit Gateau

I visited Le Petit Gateau on Lt Collins St today after seeing on the Melbourne Macarons website that they sold them.
I had no idea they made them, they do by the way, make a delicious Hazelnut Praline mud cake and their Lemon Tart is just as good for those Lemon Lovers with a crunchy and delectable pastry with a not overly sour lemon curd. Mmmm

Anyway, Le Petit Gateau have two macaron flavours on offer, a salted caramel one and a green tea one. Sorry no pics, I couldn’t wait to eat them.

These macarons were small and bite sized. When you bite into them, it has a nice crunch to it but a nice marshmallowie gooey centre. The green tea one had a strong flavour but balanced well with the sweetness of the biscuit and the filling, and the slight bitterness of the green tea powder.
The salted caramel macaron was just as tasty, the crunch and crispness was similar to the green tea one but the filling had a nice caramel filling in it. It reminded me of the Werther’s Original candy in a nice gooey, viscous form. I’m no expert on macarons, that being the first time I have ever bought one but my experience was a positive one.

Although they were both small in size, maybe the size of a 50c coin, the flavour punch they both have, along with the nice marshmallow centre and the texture of the almond meal worked quite well together.

I’d recommend both. The green tea macaron made me feel less guilty but I bet they both have their fair share of calories in them! For me, I’d definitely be going back, but maybe taking a slice of cake back with me too.

Le Petit Gateau on Urbanspoon
Le Petit Gateau
(03) 9944 8893
458 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Stay tuned for my tastings of Cacao’s macarons.


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